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Web Design Pricing provides a up front pricing guide, because we know we provide the most inexpensive professional web design services, with the best options.


This is so that you can figure out what fits into our budget, and get a good idea of what is out there. We don't hide behind contact forms and false promises because we know we cost the least.



All of of website include our seo tactics


Website Design

Basic Website Starter Package   $500
Shopping Cart Shopping Cart Example $100
Gallery Gallery Example $50
Slideshow Slideshow Example $50
Blog   $150
Drop Down Menu Links Drop Down Menu Example $50



Self Management

* You Must Order the Basic Website Starter Package to quilify for these options.    
Gallery Management Add or remove photos from your gallery $400
Slideshow Management add or remove photots from your slideshow $200
Complete Content Management System Complete CMS to control your website, add or remove main pages or sub pages. $600



Additional Options

 * These can be ordered Individually - no other packages must be ordered.  
Website Hosting 1 Full Year

$180 per year


Website Hosting Per Month $20
Logo Design $100 Per Logo
Additional Main Pages $50 per page
Additional Sub Pages $30 per page
Additional Navigation Bar $150
Additional Email Addresses $10 per pack of 10
Additional Hours $30 per hour To be invoiced if needed.



What is included:

Basic Website Starter Package:

  1. 8 Pages main pages or sub pages.
  2. Logo Incorporation (if you supply the logo)

The Basic Website Starter Package is what most starting businesses need to get there off the ground and out onto the Internet. And to assist to find information about them.



Shopping Cart

  1. Theme matches your Website.
  2. PayPal incorporation.

The Shopping Cart is a great option if your wanting to sell your products online. This is a must for any business from the starter home based business to the major corporations that wish to make online sales.




  1. 24 images organized from 1 - 4 pages.
  2. LightBox Gallery viewer for the best options.

The Gallery is a great option for anyone who wishes to display a large amount of photos, it loads quickly and smoothly, and is incorperated with a very attractive lightbox image viewer.




  1. 5 images that fade into each other in a continuously.

The Slideshow features 5 supplied by you that feature a fade between each image, in a constant loop.




  1. Incorperated wordpress blog engine.
  2. ability to download wordpress plugins.
  3. Blog incorperated into your websites theme.

The Blog system allows you to stay in contact with your customers provding them with the latest news and features that your company offers.



SuckerFish Drop Down Links

  1. A drop down menu of sub Pages

The Suckerfish drop down menu (we didn't name it) helps keep your growing site organized into categories.



Gallery Managment

  1. Everything that the gallery uses.
  2. Manage the Photos in the Photo Galler.

The Gallery management give you the ability to create add or remove photos in the gallery, giving you complete control over what is shown.



Slideshow Managment

  1. Everything that the slideshow has.
  2. Manage the Photos that are in the Slideshow.

Take control of your slideshow, display anything you want it to. Even control the speed at which they change.



Complete Content Management

  1. Complete Control of your websites content.
  2. Thousands of free Modules to assist you and your website.
  3. Create as many pages as you want.

The complete content management system allows you the ability to control any aspect of your website's content. you will be able to setup the website yourself, easily and quickly.



Website Hosting

  1. Unlimted bandwidth so that your sites traffic wont slow you down.
  2. Unlimited Space so that your website can grow as your company does.
  3. 10 email addresses with your domain.

Our hosting package is a wonderful way to to get a stress free way to have your website hosted on the internet quickly and effeciently.



  1. A custom Logo for your website, business cards, or brochures
  2. a .PSD file of your logo for use in other projects

Getting Logo design is more then just for your website, we also give you the file that we create so that you can use it in other projects as well, like letter heads, business cards, brochures, pamphlets, or leaflets.



Additional Main Pages

  1. A link on your navigation bar.
  2. The Content That you want to show on your site.

Main pages are the backbone of your site, connecting the whole thing together.



Additional Sub Pages

  1. The Content That you want to show on your site.

The Sub Pages are for Filling out your site, and the additional content of your site, giving it body, supplying more informaton for the people who are really interested.



Additional Navigation Bar

  1. Links to more pages.

The Additional navigation bar is for organizing your site, if you want to feature additional pages then can fit into your main navigation, or wish to implement a menu in your sub pages.



Additional Hours

  1. More hours for working on your website.

Our Additional Hours are provided when your customizations of implementations are taking longer then the set aside allotted time. Our hours are based upon a half hour increments, so the minimum you would pay on aditional time is $15. If more time is needed on a website, we will contact you through email for confirmation that you agree to more time. once the site is completed, then a second invoice will be email to you for further payment.



Additional Email Addresses

  1. 10 more email addresses with your domains name

Additional email addresses are sold in packs of 10, not all 10 are needed to be used right away, they are just there until you need them.


If You Have any questions feel free to contact us for more info